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Tones Teatro Natura


In 2020, while theatres throughout the world were forced to close due to the pandemic, a stone theatre immersed in nature was born in the Ossola mountains.

This major new project was named Tones Teatro Natura, bringing together the artistic roots of Tones on the Stones and the transformation of the former industrial quarrying site of Cava Roncino to create a permanent theatre immersed in Nature, through a process of profound environmental redevelopment.

Tones Teatro Natura is today a space dedicated to culture, to the local area, and to all those young citizens to whom it offers a bold vision for the construction of a better and more sustainable future for all, based on the principles of Agenda 2030 and the European Green Deal. This is both a powerful symbol of rebirth and a challenge which the Tones on the Stones Foundation has been able to tackle thanks to its 15 years’ experience with events in the Ossola quarries and the constant synergy established with the numerous organizations, foundations, associations and companies that have come together to support this ambitious project.

In less than three years, Tones Teatro Natura has seen the construction of the principal infrastructure for the hosting of shows both large and small, with two stages and various ancillary facilities, such as a ticket office, a hospitality area, a bar area and services for the public. The infrastructure will be completed during 2023, while a new permanent atelier area, dedicated to workshops and study groups, has already been prepared.

The former gneiss Quarry is located close to Oira, a small hamlet in the municipality of Crevoladossola, surrounded by forests, terraced vineyards and the ancient stone-built villages of the Ossola Valley. The surrounding landscape is provides tangible evidence of the history of the area, with its deep links to stone quarrying and processing. The Tones on the Stones Foundation has always narrated and valorised this historical, economic and cultural heritage in order to preserve it over time.

We would like to invite you to experience Tones Teatro Natura with us, making it yours; we would like to invite you to love it and help it grow sustainably respecting the wonderful environment and local area that hosts it.

The history of Tones Teatro Natura

The architectural project by Fuzz Atelier

The project is configured as a site-specific intervention capable of enhancing the local landscape through a modular and flexible compositional approach permitting diverse modes of use. The functional layout of the entire project is based on the geometric lines defined by the quarry, following the morphology of the landscape.

The work establishes a dialogue with the natural context and with the history of the site, allowing for a narrative continuity that draws on the past to hand down to future generations the possibility of continuing to experience these spaces and contribute to their transformation.

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Director of works


We are building Tones Teatro Natura with the support and contribution of:







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Tones Teatro Natura’s Green Spirit


Thanks to the contribution of the Rotary Club Pallanza-Stresa of the Verbano Cusio Ossola province, you will find a drinking water distributor at Tones Teatro Natura. Come to the theatre with your water bottle, or buy one at the ticket office: we do not, in fact, sell bottled water at the bar or indeed any other single-use plastic products.

Instructions for sustainable participants

We love nature, the Earth, people. This is why we have chosen to adopt a sustainability policy and sustainable management. Since 2020 we have been UNI EN ISO 20121: 2013 – sustainable events certified.

We’re committed: would you like to be too?

By following the following seven pieces of advice you will help us all make our events more sustainable and to improve, by a little at least, life on planet Earth.

Please use public transport and our shuttles to reach us. If you must use a car, try the various car sharing systems or share the trip with friends. We do it too: did you know that the first criteria we apply when choosing our suppliers is proximity? In doing so we support the local economy and reduce our toxic emissions.

Inside Tones Teatro Natura you will find containers for differentiated waste collection. For our part, as well as differentiated collection, we apply various practices to reduce waste – for example, we reuse materials and stage sets, we weigh the waste produced year on year, we have eliminated plastic in the bar and hospitality areas.

Bring your water bottle with you and fill it up at the Tones Teatro Natura distributor: That’s why it’s there! You won’t find single-use materials at the bar: all the containers are compostable.

Don’t waste food, water or energy during the event and in the structures hosting you. If you can, take short showers and turn off the tap while soaping. We are designing a self-production energy system and we are already using only certified sustainable energy and carefully monitoring our energy consumption.

Eat, drink and buy local. We do this too: for example, for the Campo Base Festival we have a menu curated by the students from a local school together with eight 0 km producers.

Relax, enjoy the environment and leave it as you found it, explore our stunning local area. On the occasion of the Nextones and Campo Base festivals you can stay on our campsites or participate in the nature experience we organize.

Please don’t print your tickets for our event nor this advice sheet. You’ll find all the updated information you need on our site and our social media pages.

Green Sentinel

We are promoting the constitution of a group of volunteers and environmental education and storytelling staff for the public and the theatre’s environmental “estate”. They will curators of the site and champions of all the cultural, social and environmental values which the space promotes and disseminates. Le Green Sentinel will be able to explain to the public how the theatre was born and which “rules of good behaviour” they should follow to enjoy the experience and the opportunities it offers to the full.

Would you like to become a Green Sentinel?

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