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Teatro Natura Outdoor Lab


TEATRO NATURA OUTDOOR LAB represents the most modern and virtuous expression of the redevelopment of a mining area made available to the community.

A unique project in Italy that stands out thanks to the presence of vertical rock structures, on which activities related to movement at height can be practiced, and wide spaces where people can gather to engage in recreational and cultural activities.

TEATRO NATURA OUTDOOR LAB is located just a few minutes from the valley capital and is set in a unique natural context, among centuries-old chestnut woods, bridges and Roman mule tracks, ancient hamlets of extraordinary beauty, and megalithic testimonies that take us back to life in Valdossola 3000 years ago.

The area is ideal for managing small but also large groups, in a private and reserved area. It has facilities such as changing rooms and bathrooms, a drinking water dispenser, and convenient access.

It can aim for goals by the end of the same day of experience/accompaniment but is designed, above all, for teaching and training, to consolidate groups and communities, to allow them to embark on a journey towards nature and activities in the environment with comfort, practicality, and good ‘safety control’.

It is a winning proposition for activities, not only for professionals in the field with their own group (Alpine Guides, Hiking Guides, Medium Mountain Guides, Bike Hiking Guides), but also towards school groups, children/teen camps, companies.

Vertical Activities

The vertical surfaces have been designed to facilitate teaching and learning and to allow Alpine Guides, the only professionals qualified for training and guiding, to operate with practicality, efficiency, and control of the participants.

The areas are directly accessible from the amphitheater or from above via a convenient hiking trail (3 minutes on foot).

The equipped areas are divided as follows:


  • 10 single-pitch climbing routes on natural rock for adults and children starting from 110 cm in height (ranging between 5m and 20m, difficulty between 4a and 6b)
  • 5 climbing routes of two lengths for learning the management of the rope team on multi-pitch sport routes (ranging between 20m and 25m, difficulty between 4a and 6a+)
  • 1 climbing route for learning and using mobile protections
  • 5 stations for teaching rappelling (with the possibility of retrieval)
  • 6 stations for teaching the setup of belays with different types of fixed and mobile anchors and chain maneuvers (possibly sheltered even from light rain)
  • 1 route for teaching artificial progression
  • 1 station for teaching the correct belaying of the lead climber


  • 1 route of 40m, graded ‘easy’ (suitable for children at least 120cm tall)
  • 1 route of 40m, graded ‘medium’ (for adults and children at least 140cm tall)


  • 1 route of 120m for guiding/teaching in alpine roped parties (maximum Alpine Guide/participants ratio 1:4)


  • HIKING: around Tones Teatro Natura there are endless hiking possibilities, the most recommended and simple ones:
    • parallel to the Toce river between the Pontemaglio fraction and Lake Tana
    • towards the Preminoira fraction
    • circular route through the fractions of Montecrestese
    • teaching on rough/steep terrain on the slopes of Colmine di Crevoladossola
    • on the stony bed of the Toce river
    • more challenging and longer excursions towards the high fractions of Crevoladossola
    • orienteering in the woods
    • ovens, presses, and mills of the fractions
    • megalithic testimonies of Montecrestese
  • TRAIL RUNNING: all hiking activities can be performed as running, and the possibilities to extend the boundaries towards the Divedro, Antigorio, and Agarina Valleys are endless.
  • MTB:
    • educational MTB trail also for children > 10 years between Pontemaglio and Lake Tana
    • Cava – Pontemaglio – Montecrestese capoluogo – Pontetto – Cava loop
    • ascent to the Cava di Oira via dirt road

TONES ON THE STONES and OSSOLA OUTDOOR SCHOOL have joined forces in an unexpected but happy union of purposes. Enhancing the territory and culture, educating and guiding the community towards a responsible approach to outdoor activities while raising awareness on environmental issues and sustainability, impact and footprint reduction, and the complex relationship of modern humans with nature are all challenges that require planning and resources.

From this collaboration, we combine skills, energy, and resources to advance projects that have a positive impact on the territory, its environment, and its citizens, with a special focus on the new generations who represent the future of these areas.


Thanks to a philosophy guided by a clear line based on technical, ethical, and methodological values and a dense network of professionals selected according to company philosophy, it not only serves as a reference in the province for offering comprehensive services in the outdoor world to outdoor sports tourism, citizens, companies, and local authorities but also as a national model that seeks to break away from classic business models by aiming for a paradigm shift. This is part of a challenge that today’s world needs and loudly demands.




  • Zip line
  • Area for climbing with ‘dry tooling’ progression technique

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