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21 23 Jun.

Circular Visions for Our Future


The new format of the Tones on the Stones Foundation is based on the principles of the New European Bauhaus Project, which rethinks our lifestyles to shape future ways of living, addressing the broadest current challenges.

This is an environmental, economic, and cultural project initiated by Ursula Von Der Leyen, aiming to redesign Europe. It stems from the desire to make the Green Deal a cultural experience, tangible and shared by European citizens, with the goal of building a new future together.

These principles gave birth to Sphera, a design event for new paradigms, an interdisciplinary accelerator that enhances the most visionary contemporary practices, designing future ways of living at the crossroads of art, culture, science, and nature.

It is a transversal project that cares about the quality of life of European citizens without losing sight of green and digital innovations. A transformational project that aims to inspire behaviors, change thoughts and lifestyles, considering that what is defined as “beautiful” today cannot be separated from being sustainable, inclusive, and ecological.

To fully experience the three-day program, a camping area will be available.

Sphera also offers an ethical food service by Wood*ing Wild Food Lab.




Take It with Philosophy: How to Survive in the Age of Performance?

TLON - Maura Gancitano and Andrea ColamediciTICKETS

Due to adverse weather conditions, this event will take place at Saint Peter and Paul Church in Crevoladossola – Google Maps

At Sphera with the founders of the Italian Podcast Awards, Maura Gancitano and Andrea Colamedici are the founders of Tlon, a project of cultural and philosophical dissemination that manifests itself in different forms. Come and learn to survive!

“The phrase “young people today don’t want to work” is often a hasty way of avoiding asking why the spell of work no longer works with the new generations. These are not people without a work ethic, quickly labeled with the infamous cliché of “generational laziness”. It is necessary to challenge these narratives, inviting a deeper reflection on the role of work in the scale of values ​​of young people, in an era characterized by profound changes and uncertainties.

We will address the theme of disillusionment and anguish that permeate the young generations, not only as an isolated phenomenon but as a symptom of a broader malaise, rooted in precarious economic prospects, the looming environmental crisis and the pervasive feeling of uncertainty about the future. We will explore how, for the first time in recent history, boys and girls are faced with the prospect of a quality of life lower than that of their parents and grandparents, in a disconcerting reversal of the expectations of progress that accompanied previous generations.

The issue of climate anxiety will be placed at the center of this reflection, linking the concern for the future of the planet to the reluctance of young people to engage in traditional work models, which often appear to be in dissonance with the values ​​of sustainability and environmental responsibility. During the meeting we will try to outline a new paradigm to understand the work aspirations of young people, highlighting how their alleged disenchantment is, in reality, a need to rethink work not only as a source of sustenance, but above all as a bearer of meaning, social contribution and harmony with the environment.”

Maura and Andrea



Marianne Mirage Concert


Due to adverse weather conditions, this event will take place at Saint Peter and Paul Church in Crevoladossola – Google Maps

Marianne Mirage is an artist, singer-songwriter, musician, and holistic arts teacher. Her background has led her to express herself as a singer-songwriter in Italian, French, and English, drawing influences from her painter father and an early taste for blues, soul, and the great voices of jazz.

She graduated in Literature and Philosophy and earned a scholarship at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia as an actress. After gaining experience by traveling and performing in clubs around the world—London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Istanbul—she signed a recording contract with SugarMusic. She is known for the radio hit “Le Canzoni Fanno Male,” presented at the Sanremo Festival 2017, written and composed for Marianne Mirage by Francesco Bianconi (Baustelle). An intense tour saw her opening for important and diverse artists such as Benjamin Clementine, Brunori Sas, Patty Pravo, and Masego.

She was the artist who opened the Italian concerts of Patti Smith. The American legend personally chose Marianne after seeing a YouTube video where she sang the gospel “Jesus Loves Me” accompanying herself on the guitar, an instrument she never parts with. Upon returning to Italy, Marianne Mirage wrote “The Place,” a song written and performed at the request of director Paolo Genovese for the soundtrack of his latest film of the same name, a box office hit of the autumn season. The song, composed and sung by her, was nominated for the David di Donatello for Best Original Song and later won at the Nastri d’Argento.

Shortly afterward, director Pupi Avati chose “Corri,” a song written and sung by Marianne for his film “Il fulgore di Dony.” In October, her latest album for the Sugar Music label, “Vite Private,” was released, featuring Marco Giallini in the short film “L’amore è finito,” directed by Fabio Resinaro. Marianne said, “It was an honor to work with a great legend of Italian cinema.” An intense tour saw her traveling all over Italy with more than 30 dates, including performances at Santeria and Monk in Rome as the opening act for the songwriter Tamino, who is highly regarded in the international scene.

In 2020, during the pandemic, she became a yoga, meditation, and holistic arts teacher. She founded Yoga Mirage, which combines music with the practice of yoga. This resulted in an album called “Mirage,” which can be described as a sound journey that takes you out of reality.


00:00 - 02:00 — Meeting point at Tones Teatro Natura at 23:30

The Night of Magical Herbs

With Valeria MoscaTICKETS

A special course approaching St. John’s Day and among the shortest nights of the year, when light triumphs over darkness and when so-called magical herbs reach their peak potency. In this one-of-a-kind course, we will learn to recognize magical herbs, prepare ointments and good luck amulets, heal with herbs, and understand the symbolism associated with this night and these particular plants! Are you ready for a magical night?!

What You Need for the Evening:

  • Torch or headlamp (mandatory)
  • Comfortable trekking shoes
  • Kway (rain jacket)
  • Water bottle

Meeting Point: Tones Teatro Natura.
In case of bad weather, the activity will be postponed to the following morning. If bad weather persists, the activity will be canceled.

Saturday’s schedule includes workshops and nature experiences exploring the territory of the Ossola Valley.


09:30 - 10:30

Yoga Mirage

Practice Meditation Inspiration with Marianne MirageTICKETS

Energy cleansing: a practice to let go of the tensions accumulated in the city and to prepare to raise the vibration for the start of the festival. In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Marianne Mirage became a yoga, meditation and holistic arts teacher. She founded Yoga Mirage which combines music with yoga practice. “Sex Yoga And Rock ‘n’ Roll” is her mantra and through yoga she teaches us to know and appreciate the concept of “making love” with our body. Now Yoga Mirage comes to Sphera to let go of accumulated stress and recharge with positive energy.

What you need for the activity:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Mat for practice
  • Water bottle

Meeting at the campsite below Tones Teatro Natura.
In case of bad weather the practice will take place at the Foro Boario in Crodo.


11:00 — Meeting point at Tones Teatro Natura

Modular Picnic with Atmospherica


A project that looks to nature with the power and harmony that only music can convey, aiming to reduce its impact on the planet with sustainable choices through renewable energy. The dimension created in this musical research and environmental interaction paints a scenario where the sound world is shared with the public in an accessible space. Atmospherica was born from an idea by Giacomo Vanelli and Francesca Pavesi (aka IDRA). Through the use of modular systems and Ambient sounds, the intent of the Atmospherica collective is to bring the listener towards a close dialogue with their own self, in that constant and unconsciously shared vibration between man and nature.

What You Need:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Comfortable hiking shoes
  • Water bottle

How Will the Day Unfold?

At 11:00 AM, meet at Tones Teatro Natura where the walk will begin, lasting about an hour, with the endpoint at Veglio, a hamlet on the borders of the Montecrestese municipality. One of the oldest inhabited centers, it served as a control point at the entrance to the Antigorio Valley. The toponym derives from the Latin root “vigilia,” meaning a place of vigilance, also evidenced by the presence of the tower house. The oldest houses date back to the 13th-14th centuries and retain traces of “opus spicatum” masonry, typical of the Romanesque period; many others were rebuilt in the following centuries, especially in the 16th century. Upon arrival in the meadows of Veglio, you will listen to the Atmospherica concert. After the concert, an optional picnic prepared by Wood*ing Wild Food Lab and a meeting with the small agricultural reality Runchit will take place, sharing their experience and the landscape changes they face. The activity will conclude around 4:00 PM.

You can purchase a ticket for the activity, including the option that includes a lunch box prepared by Wood*ing Wild Food Lab.
Maximum capacity is 50 people.
In case of bad weather, the concert and picnic will be hosted inside the Oratorio San Marco.



Apiary of Well-being


Slow down, breathe, listen, think. The Air of the Hive for the well-being of body and soul. The Apiary of Well-being is an emotional place where various health-related activities take place, all centered around bees, their knowledge, beneficial uses, and their interaction with humans and the planet. A special setup allows the air of the hive to spread within the apiary, providing a unique and privileged view of life inside the hive. The space is located inside the ancient cabin, which has always housed the main apiary of Baceno in the locality “ai Ghebi.” It’s a unique sensory experience in a welcoming structure, immersed in the green meadows, surrounded by linden and chestnut trees, and guarded by the imposing Cervandone and Cistella Mountains. Everyone can breathe the air of the hive: the young, adults, and the elderly. It’s the ancient secret to rediscovering psycho-physical well-being and reducing stress.

The Experience

Observation of the Apiary in safety, with face protection masks provided by the beekeepers. Meeting with the Beekeeper: tools and equipment and the types of hives, floristic analysis of the territory, and bees at work. You will have the opportunity to hold the Queen Bee in your hands and observe her very closely. Discover the internal organization of a bee family: the frames, the brood, the wax, the honey, the pollen. Tasting of Honey, Bee Products, and Herbal Tea. Introduction to Apitherapy.

  • Duration of activity: approximately 2 hours
  • Meeting point: Baceno Sports Area. Transfer on foot to the Main Apiary / Apiary of Well-being (5 minutes walk)

Recommended: suitable clothing for the rural environment.
In case of bad weather, the activity will be canceled.


16:00 - 18:00


With Stefano Luca TosoniTICKETS

By taking off our shoes and walking barefoot for several hours on the beach, on stones, on a meadow or in a forest, in addition to enjoying a profound sense of freedom, we experience an extraordinary sense of connection with the terrain we are crossing. The muscles of the arch, ankle and tibias acquire unexpected energy and during the day the body is charged with positive electrons which, in contact with the ground, loaded with negative particles, rebalance its electrostatic charge with consequent great benefits on the stress, the immune system, mood and much more. Allowing ourselves moments in which we give up the use of shoes will allow us to establish a more authentic relationship with the environment around us, forcing us to advance slowly, to carefully choose where to place our foot in order to avoid obstacles. We thus have the opportunity to choose our personal path, our way and, consequently, become aware of our uniqueness as individuals.
During the practice, participants will be asked to remove their shoes and walk freely in the woods. You will thus try to perceive the temperature of the ground, the roughness of the stones, the soft volume of the moss and grass, the freshness of the waterways that will be crossed if present and concentrate on the sensations you will have along the way.

What you need for the activity:

  • K way
  • Bonnet
  • Backpack to store your shoes during the activity
  • Canteen

Meeting at Tones Teatro Natura.
In case of bad weather the activity will first be postponed for a few hours and if it cannot be recovered it will be cancelled.

Stefano Luca Tosoni is an author, explorer and researcher. For twelve years he was a marketing and distribution manager working for the entertainment industry in companies such as Sony Television and Discovery Italia. In 2015 he revolutionized his life and prospects when he discovered Wood*ing Wild Food Lab, a scientific laboratory involved in the research and classification of wild food suitable for human nutrition, becoming marketing director and responsible for special projects aimed at disseminating research on the protection of biodiversity botany of Italy and the world. His first book, “Re Wild – 50 paths to reconnecting with nature” was recently released and is translated and distributed in Europe, South Korea and the United States. He is currently producing an upcoming television series of which he is the author, about the relationship between wild food and people in every corner of the earth, and a new book due out in 2025.



Where are we with the ecological transition?

The deputy director of Sky TG24 Alessandro Marenzi talks with the national excellences committed to creating the future.TICKETS

Forty-three years old, since eleven at Sky, passionate about numbers and lover of words, Alessandro Marenzi is part of that large group of Turin journalists who have established themselves in the national media panorama.

The “man of numbers” arrives at Sphera taking stock of the relationship between economic, social, industrial and environmental development, animating the debate with prestigious guests from the scientific community, politics and national start-ups.

The guests:

  • Greta Colombo Dugoni and Monica Ferro of the Bi-Rex start up which transforms food waste
  • Francesca Pievani of Fili Pari, the start-up that creates clothing with marble dust
  • Marco Bussone President of UNCEM who will talk about Green Communities and Broadband in the highlands
  • Matteo Nigro Scientific researcher for CAI presents the Acqua Sorgente project
  • Alessandro Chiolerio scientist of the Italian Institute of Technology, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Max Planck Institute and the University of the West of England
  • Paolo Carrera General Director of H2Energy, a leading company for hydrogen research and production.

Ticket holders for Carmen Consoli will be able to participate for free.



The message of the beaver: our evolution in the anthropocene - Telmo Pievani


The highly anticipated lecture by the famous philosopher of science addresses ecological and environmental issues in relation to the evolutionary process and the action of human beings. The renowned evolutionist and philosopher of science Telmo Pievani, winner of the prestigious Chatwin prize, holds an internationally relevant lectio at Sphera. Professor of Philosophy of Biological Sciences at the University of Padua and visiting scientist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, his presence promises to enrich the debate with unique perspectives of a high scientific and informative profile on the most current issues for the ecological transition.

Ticket holders for Carmen Consoli will be able to participate for free.

This event was organized in collaboration and with the support of the Valgrande Park Authority.




Concert by Carmen Consoli


She was the first Italian artist to tread the stage of the Olympic Stadium in Rome, the only Italian to participate in the celebrations of the anniversary of Bob Marley’s death in Ethiopia, she performed as a headliner in Central Park, scored 3 sold out row in New York, she founded her own label – Narciso -, she was inspired by Verga and mythology, she also brought Arabic and French into her songs, she was the first woman in the long history of Club Tenco to win the Targa Tenco as Best Album of the year with Elettra and the first woman invested with the role of Concertmaster for the Concertone della Notte della Taranta, she was named Goodwill Ambassador of Unicef and Ambassador of Telefono Rosa; she is the only artist to have won the Amnesty International Italia Award twice with “My uncle” and “The Black man”: Carmen Consoli’s career is full of records. “But above all Carmen is a “magnificent combination of a rocker and an intellectual…a voice full of pain, compassion and strength” (Jon Parelles, New York Times). Her discography has been a celebration of critics and audiences, as well as all her surprising and rich live activity which, between theatres, arenas and sports halls, has seen her triumph with ever-changing formations and in ever-new musical roles, between acoustics and electronics, between experimentation and constant references to her Sicily international stars who appreciate her music, from David Byrne who chose her for his Meltdown Festival in 2015, to Robert Plant with whom she shared the stage of the Lucca Summer Festival 2022, from Peter Gabriel who wanted her at the Womad Festival of 2023, up to Elvis Costello with whom he shared a memorable tour in August 2023.

Due to adverse weather condition, all Sphera events of Sunday will take place at Sede della Musica in Oira

Google Maps


09:30 - 10:30

Cheesemaking on the farm


At the A.Z. farmhouse in Montecretese, a stone’s throw from Tones Teatro Natura, you can have a simple experience by trying your hand at the processes for preparing butter and cheese in an absolutely familiar context, far from industrial logic. The A.Z. farmhouse manages animals, horticulture, dairy production and fruit growing.


11:00 - 12:30

Little Vegan Witch

Discovering "vegetable cuisine that rocks" presentation and Show Cooking with Annalisa Chessa @littleveganwitchTICKETS

Annalisa Chessa is the creator of the Little Vegan Witch social channels, with which she tries to spread her passion for vegan cuisine and a sustainable lifestyle, respectful of animals and the environment. She believes in tradition and change, which is why she loves revisiting the typical dishes of Italian and international cuisine in a 100% plant-based way. The activity includes the presentation of his latest book “Vegetable cuisine that rocks” (Gribaudo) and a Cooking Show inspired by seasonal products.

The activity will be carried out at Tones Teatro Natura.


11:30 - 13:00

Porthos presents: Heroic viticulture and new latitudes of wine with Sandro Sangiorgi


Conference and tasting

Porthos carries out training activities aimed at acquiring greater awareness in the relationship with wine, considering it a real means of getting to know oneself, as well as an art form. Porthos is told by one of the most esteemed and renowned sommeliers in Italy, Sandro Sangiorgi.

Service by Ais Piemonte Verbania delegation

Sandro Sangiorgi is a journalist, writer and popularizer. Since 1978 he has been professionally involved in wine and gastronomy, initially managing a restaurant in Latina with his family. In 1981 he became a Professional Sommelier and began his freelance career as a wine communicator. In 1981 he was the second best sommelier in Italy in the competition for aspirants while in 1984 he was the second best sommelier in Italy in the competition for professionals. From 1982 to 1991 he was one of the most requested speakers at the courses of the Italian Sommelier Association. In this phase he carries out study internships in Italy and abroad as a speaker on Italian wines and as a student for foreign wines. In 1986 he actively contributed to the birth of the Arcigola association of consumers and enthusiasts. In 1989 he founded, together with others from the Arcigola nucleus, the International Slow Food Movement. In 1991 he left the AIS and worked steadily with Slow Food, becoming the main reference for teaching on wine and other gastronomic topics such as coffee, chocolate, beer and spirits. His tasting courses have been organized throughout Italy and attended by more than 15,000 people. Among the international locations where he has taught, the University of Bordeaux stands out. His texts, created with Egidio Fedele Dell’Oste, for the original Slow Food teaching program are still the backbone of the Il Piacere del Vino manual today. At the end of 1999 he left the editorial part of Slow Food and became his own publisher with the Porthos magazine dedicated to food and wine, which immediately gained favor with the consumers to whom it is mainly addressed. Since 2001 he has been responsible for the educational project “Porthos tells…”, in many years he has already met more than 20,000 people, and is bringing Porthosian thought, the ideas of the Crew and the culture of wine as history, myth, empiricism to Italy , land stewardship and well-being.

The activity will be carried out at Tones Teatro Natura.


11:00 - 12:30

The art of gnocco with the potato festival


Who better than Sciüre from Montecrestese can teach you how to prepare perfect gnocchi? The undisputed protagonists of the Potato Festival, women with magical hands, who have been creating gnocchi for decades with an extraordinary local product, will hold a lesson on how to make gnocchi to perfection.

The first edition of the Montecrestese Potato Festival took place in 1994 on the initiative of the Montecrestese Musical Band, today it is a very successful event organized by the ProLoco with 25,000 visitors per year. The simple and humble potato, which over the centuries has constituted a source of sustenance in this strip of mountain territory adverse to other crops, this festival has given great dignity to the local product making it the protagonist of the most varied dishes, some of which are taken from tradition Ossola. The moral principles of the event were inspired by the simplicity of this tuber: union, friendship and solidarity between all 420 volunteers, guided by the objective of promoting local traditions and products, always seeking quality in every aspect.

The activity will be carried out at Tones Teatro Natura.


During Sphera the food service is signed by WOOD*ING WILD FOOD LAB the first and only *Bio Generative catering in the world which, through the exploration of uncontaminated natural environments and the collection of invasive and non-native wild botanical ingredients, makes the creation of dishes possible and cocktails with unique flavors contributing to the rebalancing of ecosystems.

Wood*ing, founded in 2010 by Valeria Margherita Mosca, is the first and only food lab in the world that works exclusively on wild food. A research and experimentation laboratory on the use of wild food for human food and nutrition.


Book your meals


Near Tones Teatro Natura and a stone’s throw from the Toce river, Sphera offers some tent spaces surrounded by greenery to best enjoy the atmosphere of the project and all the scheduled activities.

Sphera Camping Pass

To access the camping area, each camper must have their camping pass with them. The campsite has limited capacity, once full no extra campers will be allowed. Please present the ticket and a valid identity document at the entrance to the campsite whenever requested by the organization staff.

Check-in at the campsite will be permitted from 3pm to 8pm on Friday 21 June and from 10am to 1pm on Saturday 22 June.

Check-out from the campsite must take place by 4pm on Sunday 23 June.

Inside the area there are camping showers and a mobile toilet. You can also use the more comfortable services present in the Tones Teatro Natura space (2 minutes on foot).

The campsite is located in the immediate vicinity of Tones Teatro Natura in Oira, a hamlet of Crevoladossola. if you come by car you can find a reserved parking area which is the same used by the festival public.

We ask everyone to respect the place and help us by keeping the camping area clean. Everyone is responsible for the waste produced and for placing it in the appropriate bins provided in the dedicated area. Sphera adheres to the sustainability policies of Tones Teatro Natura. Take a look at the guidelines in the sustainability section.

Glass bottles and containers, weapons, fireworks, illegal substances, electrical systems or high energy consumption tools. Bringing alcoholic drinks into the camping area is not permitted: the organizers reserve the right to deny entry and/or confiscate liquor.

For fire safety reasons, we ask campers not to bring wooden furniture or similar flammable components such as candles, oil lamps and electric generators burning diesel or other propellant into the camping area. The use of open fires in the camping area is prohibited. The area is equipped with fire extinguishers which will be used by staff in case of emergency.

The organizers assume no responsibility for stolen or lost property, nor are they responsible for any injuries or accidents on site. Please keep in mind that the festival is surrounded by steep and mountainous areas, caution is a must. All children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

The water present in the area is drinkable. It is recommended to bring a water bottle with you, otherwise you can ask the staff for one.

It is possible to pay in cash, with Satispay and with credit cards.

As an alternative to camping, various bed & breakfast and hotel options are available nearby.

The car park is located a few steps from the quarry, in front of the Caseificio Ossolano building in Oira. Freeway > Oira exit > take the road parallel to the Ossolano dairy.

SPHERA is supported by:

Thanks to Banca Etica Presenting Partner of the talk by TLON.

Banca Etica

Telmo Pievani’s conference is organized in collaboration with and with the support of the Valgrande Park Authority.


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