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08 Jul.



  • Times 21:30
  • Place Tones Teatro Natura Google Maps
  • Prices Single seat € 30

A journey in nine stages through Dante’s Inferno
Written by Vincenzo De Vivo.
Compositions by Nicola Fazzini and Alessandro Fedrigo.
Multivisions by Francesco Lopergolo.
John De Leo – voice.
XYQuartet: Nicola Fazzini – alto sax, Alessandro Fedrigo – electric bass, Saverio Tasca – vibraphone, Luca Colussi – drums, Franco Naddei – live electronics.

StraborDante: a musical journey by way of jazz, rock and noise, in which images of Dante’s inferno come to life in a multimedia show. The original music and rearrangements of 13th and 14th century compositions by the XYQuartet dialogue with the unique voice of John De Leo and the images created by the artist Francesco Lopergolo.

The nine stages of StraborDante present the encounters, dialogues, impressions, allegories, and extraordinary inventions from the most evocative canticle of the Divine Comedy. The XYQuartet sound brings the rich imagery of the Inferno to life.

The texts and the original script by Vincenzo De Vivo are interpreted by John De Leo, an eclectic and versatile artist, one of the most interesting voices on the Italian music scene of the past decade, blessed with an extraordinary stage presence (a former member of Quintorigo). His voice-cum-instrument, alternately warm and deep, and sharp, harsh and pained, is capable of interpreting the myriad nuances of the composition, ranging from singing to acting. An interpretation that, together with the live electronics entrusted to Franco Naddei, presents the text and the dialogues between Dante and the celebrated figures he encounters from the Dark Forest to the heart of the Underworld:  Virgil, Paolo and Francesca, Pier Delle Vigne, Ulysses, and Count Ugolino.