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09 Jun.

Siamo tutti in pericolo

  • Times 18:00
  • Place Istituto Antonio Rosmini - Domodossola

Directed by Gabriele Vacis.
Production by Roberto Tarasco.
Potenziali Evocati Multimediali theatre company and 100 students from the Verbania-Cusio-Ossola province.

Pier Paolo Pasolini died on the evening of the 1st of November 1975 after having given his last interview that afternoon. When the interviewer, Furio Colombo, asked what the title of the interview should be, Pasolini thought about it and replied: SIAMO TUTTI IN PERICOLO (WE’RE ALL IN DANGER).

It is frequently said that Pasolini was prophetic in many of his works. He certainly recognised the great danger for the so-called Generations Y and Z: that there is no future for our planet.

“Previous generations had objectives such as revolution, collectivism or, in contrast, competitive individualism or uncontrolled globalization. We want to recount projects and hopes of Generation Z, at the time of the Pandemic, of the war and, above all, of the climate emergency”.

Siamo tutti in pericolo is a work and a closing performance for the workshop involving the PEM company and 100 students from the VCO province – young people, singers, artists, and startuppers.