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29 Jun.

Ossola in Jazz


  • Times 6 PM - 11.30 PM
  • Place Tones Teatro Natura Google Maps

The appointment with jazz that centers on the creativity and art of improvisation of some of the most interesting female musicians in the national and European panorama returns. “Into the Wild Woods” is the project of Simona Parrinello and Gianluca di Ienno. Elisa Marangon 6et creates a bridge between Ossola and the atmospheres of the Northern European landscape. “Senseless Acts Of Love” by Rosa Brunello with Yazz Ahmed, Tamar Osborn, Enrico Terragnoli, and Marco Frattini gifts us multicultural sounds.


Into the Wild Woods

Simona Parrinello vocals / live electronics / compositions / arrangements

Gianluca Di Ienno piano / synth / live electronics / compositions / arrangements

Into the Wild Woods is about dancing in music with an alive, available, free, and profound listening, in an authentic dialogue, open to mystery and the unexpected. It’s a dynamic and evocative story, a journey in search of essence, in a poetic dimension that carries with it the tradition of European jazz vocals, opens up to experimentation through electronics, and welcomes influences from contemporary classical music.

The interpretive expressiveness is characterized by the use of chiaroscuro, where dynamics, fullness and emptiness, fluctuating rhythmic games, are at the center of a language that favors an intimate and introspective narrative, extremely intense. Central is the celebration of the strong relationship between composition and poetics.

From the haikus of the Japanese tradition, to the works of Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, to the original poems, the relationship between the Human Being and Nature, the poetic consonance between human motions and Nature, are tools of a universal message. The artistic journey shared by Simona Parrinello and Gianluca Di Ienno started its first steps in 2006.

Since 2014, the experiences gained, the artistic affinity, and the continuous search for their own sound identity outline a sound that over time is becoming more aware and consistent. The duo has also performed in the last year in Den Haag, Bremen, Gent, Brussels, Antwerp, Leiden, Hamburg, Amsterdam. The duo’s project release is scheduled for spring 2024.


Elisa Marangon 6et

Elisa Marangon Voice, Compositions, Arrangements
Alessandro Gornati French Horn
Lorenzo Blardone Keyboards
Gianluca Di Ienno Piano
Roberto Mattei Double Bass
Massimiliano Salina Drums

Elisa Marangon, alongside her activity as a singer, has always shown great interest in writing and studying piano. For this special occasion, which aims to honor the rich cultural heritage of Ossola,

Elisa will present some of her compositions, seeking new expressive and dynamic forms, combining unusual timbres, alternating written music with completely improvised moments, bringing together classical and jazz musicians, inspired by what Ossola and Italy have given her over time, as well as by the atmosphere she has been experiencing in the Netherlands for the past year.


Senseless Acts Of Love

Rosa Brunello Electric Bass and Double Bass
Yazz Ahmed Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Tamar Osborn Baritone Saxophone and Flute
Maurice Louca Guitar and Synth
Marco Frattini Drums and Percussion

Rosa Brunello’s latest album “Senseless Acts Of Love” on Domanda Music is a beautiful testament to the energy of music. With captivating melodies and a celebration of uniqueness, this album brings together an incredible fusion of talent from jazz to experimental music.

In collaboration with brilliant artists such as Yazz Ahmed, Tamar Osborn, Maurice Louca, Marco Frattini, Enrico Terragnoli, and Luca Tapino, Brunello takes us on a journey through love and exploration. Through the concept of slow travel, “Senseless Acts Of Love” encourages listeners to adopt a more mindful and sustainable approach to exploration. It inspires us to deeply connect with the world we live in and appreciate the diverse cultures that coexist within it. This album captures the essence of unity, with collective improvisation and moments of serendipitous sound synchronization.

Rosa Brunello is a bassist and composer whose skills range from free improvisations to electric rock, dub, and South American music. She loves to blend acoustic and electronic sounds to challenge the boundaries between genres and lives by her motto of music without borders.

Through her music, British-Bahraini trumpeter Yazz Ahmed seeks to blur the lines between jazz and electronic sound design, combining the sounds of her mixed heritage into what has been described as “psychedelic, captivating, and engaging Arab jazz.”

Tamar Osborn is a saxophonist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist known as the bandleader and creative force behind the modal jazz ensemble Collocutor (On The Corner Records). Tamar studied at Guildhall School of Music and Drama and has been a professional freelancer for over twenty years. A background in classical and jazz music and a strong interest in learning other musical traditions and cultures have enriched her repertoire with many different genres.

Rosa Brunello’s collaboration with her two colleagues is well-established and has already resulted in the recording of two albums. They will be performing at Tones Teatro Natura for the launch of the new album, which is set to be released on May 6th.