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08 Jun.

Stunt Pilots

And Climbing Gym Opening


  • Times 15:00 e 18:00
  • Place Tones Teatro Natura Google Maps

From 3:00 PM
Alpine guide exhibition with Ossola Outdoor School.

The Alpine Guides of Ossola OutDoor School showcase the numerous possibilities offered by the new climbing gym. Teatro Natura Outdoor Lab is a unique project in Italy that stands out due to the presence of vertical rock structures, on which activities related to movement at height can be practiced, and wide spaces where people can gather to engage in recreational and cultural activities.

4:00 PM
Free trial for the public.

A moment of celebration and community gathering of the local community and the associations of the area in collaboration with Ossola Outdoor School, to live a new experience that combines sports, outdoor life, and good music.

The Stunt Pilots are a power trio formed in 2020 during the pandemic, consisting of Zo, guitarist and singer, Moonet, bassist and sound engineer, and Farina, drummer and visual designer. The desire to explore new horizons and their different musical roots are key elements in the creation and production of their music: a mix of electronic/trap and rock sounds. Through their music, the Stunt Pilots seek to convey a message of liberation and authenticity, encouraging listeners to step out of their comfort zone and fully live their passions and desires. They are a call not to live on “autopilot”, but to make bold choices and seize the opportunities life offers.

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In case of bad weather, the event is postponed to the following day.