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20 Jul.

Hatis Noit


  • Times 17:30
  • Place Orridi di Uriezzo Google Maps
  • Prices Single seat € 11,50

In the stunning setting of the Orridi di Uriezzo, the Hatis Noit performance projects us unto an abstract dimension between ancient Japan and a technological future.

Hatis Noit is a Japanese artist and singer based in London, creator of profoundly emotive and at the same time avant garde musci in which gagku, opera, Bulgarian song and pop all find a perfect astral conjunction, thanks to a unique and visceral voice that has enraptured artists such as David Lynch and won praise from newspapers such as the New York Times and the Guardian, both of which acclaimed the latest album Aura.

In case of bad weather, the performance will take place inside the suggestive Limonaia of Villa Caselli in Masera (VB).