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14 Jun.


Written by Mathias Martelli

Directed by Arturo Brachetti

With Matthias Martelli

Fabrizio Bosso (Trumpet)
Alessandro Gwis (Piano)
Mattia Basilico (Saxophone)
Matteo Rossi (Double Bass)
Luca Guarino (Drums)

Assistant Director Davide Allena

Fred Buscaglione, a restless and brilliant man, an ironic and provocative artist, who changed the history of Italian song and deeply impacted, with his unforgettable style, the customs and society of Italy. Matthias Martelli’s theater, which combines gesture, mime, and word, meets the revolutionary music of Buscaglione embellished by the extraordinary trumpet of Fabrizio Bosso. Alessandro Gwis on piano, Matteo Rossi on double bass, and Luca Guarino on drums. Thanks to the visionary directing inventions of Arturo Brachetti, FRED! takes the audience through the life and songs of an absolute genius. A blend of notes, words, and images that will reveal another Buscaglione, powerful and fragile, a symbol of his era and yet capable of speaking to the future.

Production by Enfi Teatro, Teatro Stabile Torino – Teatro Nazionale, Il Parioli

Matthias Martelli
Urbino (1986) – Actor, playwright, jester

Graduated in history from the University of Bologna and graduated from the Performing Arts University of Turin, he has performed on stages in Italy and Europe with Mistero Buffo by Dario Fo and Franca Rame, directed by Eugenio Allegri, co-produced by the Teatro Stabile di Torino. He has written and performed several monologues for important Italian Stabile Theatres, among these: Raffaello, il figlio del vento (2020) a show about the life of the painter Raphael Sanzio co-produced by Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria; and Dante, fra le fiamme e le stelle (2021), where the story of Dante’s life intersects with fragments of the Vita nuova and the Divine Comedy. The show, produced by Teatro Stabile di Torino and Fondazione TRG Onlus, benefits from the scientific consultancy of Professor Alessandro Barbero and the President of the Accademia della Crusca, Professor Claudio Marazzini. Since 2022, he has brought to the stages of Italian theaters Fred! a show about the work of Fred Buscaglione directed by Arturo Brachetti, produced by Enfi Teatro – Teatro Parioli and Teatro Stabile di Torino. He won the Alberto Sordi, Locomix, and Uanmensciò awards with Il Mercante di Monologhi (2017) written and performed by him, with over 300 performances to date. He won the National Culture Award Frontino-Montefeltro for “the acting qualities acclaimed by public success and the favorable judgment expressed by the critics and for his meritorious results achieved in the field of theatrical arts”. He is the protagonist of Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev together with the orchestra of the Teatro Regio di Torino. He has staged several performative conferences, including The Universal language of Dario Fo, presented in March 2023 at Chapman University in Los Angeles.

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