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06 Jul.

CM Orchestra

feat. Nina Zilli



Nina Zilli is a tornado, a volcano, a music lover who captivates you with her passions and fantasies even before you have a chance to listen to a single one of her songs. She has a crystalline and powerful voice imbued with the sounds of Motown, R&B, and Soul, along with pop rock from the early ’60s, drawing from her great Italian loves like Mina and Celentano, and the Jamaican beats that make her heart race.

Her famous single “50mila” was chosen by Ferzan Ozpetek for the film “Mine Vaganti.” She participated in the 60th edition of the Sanremo Festival with the song “L’Uomo che Amava le Donne,” receiving the ‘Mia Martini’ Critics’ Award and the ‘Radio and TV Press Room Award’ in the New Generation category. Since then, her career has been on the rise, also seeing her as a talent show host.

The conductor is Andrea Pollione, with Claudio Mazzucchelli as the artistic director.

The CM Orchestra, comprised of 50 orchestra members, a 12-member choir, and a lead vocalist, has a repertoire that spans from classical music to film scores, and includes Progressive, Rock, and Soul music.

It features principal players from Italy’s best orchestras and performs only on special occasions, equipped with state-of-the-art technological and interactive setups from the best international brands in audio, video, and lighting.