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02 05 Aug.

Awareness Campus

  • Place Crodo, Tones Teatro Natura
  • Prices Registration fee € 380

Directed by Gabriele Vacis and Roberto Tarasco.
With the Compagnia Potenziali Evocali Multimediali.

For the third consecutive year, we shall be presenting the practical seminar focussing on the importance of Inclusive Theatre as an opportunity for integration, participation and unity.

Participants will experience the method developed  by the Institute of Theatrical Practices for Personal Wellness that is based on the constant and rigorous exercise of AWARENESS and ATTENTION, on SHARED BREATH (the RANK), an articulated instrument for the construction of one’s presence and a way of reflecting on space and on relationships, and on the body listening to other bodies to create common actions.

The course is aimed at educators, actors, social workers, teachers, psychologists, musicians, dancers, medical and health staff, singers and all those people with jobs involving contact with groups of people who choose to use the instrument of theatre in both the artistic and social spheres.