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02 Sep.

Alex Bellini



We are made of water and without water we die, and yet we have never felt the need to administer it. We’ve tried, when there was too much or too little water, but its management has proved to be very difficult and we are still unable to tackle floods and droughts with natural criteria. In the last century we began to exploit its enormous potential, but ever more frequently, the industrial technology that helps us take advantage of it becomes a powerful ally of our most extreme forms of consumption.

The presence of water in our lives is mutating from natural to paradoxical. As a protagonist of our adventures, or as a vital resource, we can use scientific data along with our imagination and stories, to attempt to make sense of a phenomenon that is increasingly playing a key role in the fate of the inhabitants of the planet.

Hence the title THE PARADOX OF WATER, too much, too little, too cheap.