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2023 Season events


09 Jun. 18:00

Siamo tutti in pericolo

Directed by Gabriele Vacis.
Production by Roberto Tarasco.
Potenziali Evocati Multimediali theatre company and 100 students from the Verbania-Cusio-Ossola province.


11 Jun. 17:00

Broadway… Let’s Musical

Orchestra GMO (Young Ossolani Musicians Orchestra)

A second event valorizing the local area and its finest young talent. The GMO Orchestra takes us to Broadway in an enthralling musical exploration of the greatest and most well-known shows.


24 Jun. 17.15, 18.30, 20.00

Bunker Kiev

Script, concept and artistic direction by Stefano Massini.
Soundscape curated by Andrea Baggio.
Final track composed by Piero Pelù.
With Lorenzo Antolini and the Ukrainian actor Anna Donchenko.
A special project by Teatro della Toscana.


01 Jul. 18:00—24:00

Ossola in Jazz

Feat. Fabrizio Bosso, Simona Bencini and Ramberto Ciammarughi

A major event devoted to the history of jazz in the Ossola valley, with Roberto Olzer, Fabrizio Spadea, Simone Locarni, Michele Gori, Michele Guaglio and many others.


08 Jul. 21:30


A journey in nine stages through Dante’s Inferno.
Written by Vincenzo De Vivo.
Compositions by Nicola Fazzini and Alessandro Fedrigo.
Multivisions by Francesco Lopergolo.
John De Leo - voice.
XYQuartet: Nicola Fazzini, Alessandro Fedrigo, Saverio Tasca, Luca Colussi, Franco Naddei.


15 Jul. 21:30

A Night at the Opera

An extraordinary new show in the immersive Tones on the Stones style that will take your breath away.


20 23 Jul.

Nextones 2023

Two days with the best of electronic music: live performances, audiovisual shows and DJ sets with some of the biggest names on the international scene. GANG OF DUCK, HOLY TONGUE, KATATONIC SILENTIO & LOREM, LORENZO SENNI, RICHIE HAWTIN, STENNY, VTSS.


20 Jul. 17:30

Hatis Noit

In the stunning setting of the Orridi di Uriezzo, the Hatis Noit performance projects us unto an abstract dimension between ancient Japan and a technological future.


21 Jul. 19:00

Pontus Lidberg

The visionary Swedish artist Pontus Lidberg, choreographer, director, and dancer, presents, together with the dancer Paulo Arrais, an extract from the new work destined for the 2023 Biennale of Dance, in a site-specific version for Tones Teatro Natura.

Mario Biondi orizz.

28 Jul. 21:30

CM Orchestra

feat. Mario Biondi

Following the extraordinary success of last year, the CM Orchestra returns with an exceptional guest: Mario Biondi, Italy’s greatest soul voice.


02 05 Aug.

Awareness Campus

For the third consecutive year, we shall be presenting the practical seminar led by Gabriele Vacis, focussing on the importance of Inclusive Theatre as an opportunity for integration, participation and unity.


01 03 Sep.

Campo Base Festival

Campo Base Festival explores the relationship between man and nature, the themes associated with mountain culture at all latitudes and sporting activities.


02 Sep. 20:30

Alex Bellini

We are made of water and without water we die, and yet we have never felt the need to administer it.


02 Sep. 22:00


VENERUS is a soul free from genre labels, a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who knows how to combine soul and R&B sounds with electronica in a unique style.