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Tones on the Stones


The Tones on the Stones Foundation was established in December 2018 with the aim of expanding its artistic research in contemporary and digital arts. It has been leading the eponymous format towards an increasingly immersive dimension characterized by digital scenography and engaging in innovative site-specific productions that invite artists to reinvent themselves and confront the unusual spaces of extraction quarries, thus giving rise to new opportunities for creativity and cultural development.

With its 15 years of experience in organizing festivals and itinerant shows in active quarries, Tones on the Stones added a new complementary direction to its artistic and cultural DNA in 2020. It embarked on a journey that began with the purchase of a disused quarry and continued with its transformation into a permanent theater immersed in nature.

Through an environmental redevelopment undertaken by the foundation, the former industrial site of Cava Roncino is now Tones Teatro Natura, a multifunctional space dedicated to performing arts, well-being, education, knowledge, and the valorization of the generous environmental capital of its territory.

At the center of a large ecosystem that shares our values and identifies culture and sustainability as the driving forces for the socio-economic development of an exceptionally beautiful mountainous area, the Tones on the Stones Foundation is at the forefront of this transformation. Through a dense network of public and private entities, one of its objectives is the revitalization of abandoned industrial sites for environmental enhancement.

Simultaneously, Tones on the Stones promotes and enhances the natural context of the areas in which it operates, connecting and amplifying the excellences that the territory offers in terms of tourism, recreation, and culture.

Increasingly committed to the valorization of the environmental heritage of the Ossola Valley, Tones on the Stones organizes festivals, events, and activities that combine cultural discovery with the magnificent treasures of our valley. It contributes to its social, economic, and cultural development, especially for future generations.


Maddalena Calderoni

Artistic Director

Silvana Sateriale

Secretary General


Giulia Bartucciotto

Executive Secretary


Lia Fabbrini

Artistic & Production Secretary

Francesca Colpo

Francesca Colpo

Communication & Social Media


Roberta Costi

Sustainability & Certifications


Lucrezia Toscani

Organizational Secretary & Ticketing Service


Mario Corte

Production Director


Filippo Bertolina



Cecilia Beltrametti


Studio Proclama

Graphics & Coordinated Image

GDG Press

Press Office

Babel Agency

Press Office

Threes Productions

Nextones Co-Production

Patrimonio Cultura

Fundraising & Sponsorships


Paola, Cecilia, Luca

Our amazing volunteers