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Frequently Asked Questions

An evening of performance at Tones Teatro Natura is a unique experience, where the magic lies in the extraordinary setting that transforms into the most fascinating open-air theater in Italy every summer. The imposing stage design serves as a backdrop against the sky, often serene and starry but sometimes covered and threatening.

Our work involves creating magnificent shows that require the involvement of many skilled individuals. However, this endeavor can be challenging or even impossible due to adverse weather conditions.

Depending on the type of performance and the risk of rain, Tones on the Stones Foundation may reschedule a show. In the case of sudden bad weather, the show is never canceled before the scheduled start time. Our intention is to do everything possible to stage the performance for the satisfaction of the audience.

If weather conditions do not allow for the regular progress of the shows, Tones on the Stones Foundation may delay the start time of the performance before announcing any potential cancellation. Just a few raindrops are enough to damage the musical instruments used, often of significant value. For this reason, the show may be temporarily suspended multiple times.

In the event of uncertain weather conditions, we also provide real-time information and updates on our social media channels.

If the show is canceled before its start and no alternative dates are scheduled for recovery, tickets will be fully refunded. Conversely, if alternative dates are planned, tickets will not be refunded but considered valid for those dates.

If the performance is definitively suspended after it has begun, there will be no right to a ticket refund.

These measures aim to protect the rights of the audience while also ensuring the economic sustainability of Tones Teatro Natura. Even when a show is canceled or partially staged, the Tones on the Stones Foundation still incurs artistic and production costs.

For further clarification, each event will display the rescheduled dates or refund options in the case of cancellation.

You can request a refund by contacting the dedicated ticketing service provider, specifically TicketOne for the season’s performances, and DICE for the Nextones and Campo Base festivals.

For additional information, you can reach out to our assistance service via WhatsApp at (+39) 333 507 4077 or email us at

Below are some accommodation options located nearby Tones Teatro Natura:


  • Hotel Eurossola, Domodossola. Distance: 8km
  • Hotel Belvedere, Mozzio. Distance: 9km
  • Hotel Edelweiss, Mozzio. Distance: 9km


On the website Case Piemontesi you can find a few Bed & Breakfast close to Tones Teatro Natura

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Please note that availability may vary, so it’s recommended to book in advance and confirm the proximity to Tones Teatro Natura when making your reservation.

Tones Teatro Natura is organized to accommodate individuals with disabilities and provide a seating area with excellent visibility of the event. People with disabilities have the right to purchase discounted tickets, if available.

Please refer to our dedicated page for information on the rules of conduct at Tones Teatro Natura, which prioritize strong environmental sustainability.

Children under the age of twelve are granted free admission to the performances at Tones Teatro Natura. However, it is necessary to reserve a seat through the online ticketing system. Please note that certain shows and events may not be suitable for younger audiences. In such cases, specific information will be provided along with the event or performance description.

Reduced-price tickets are available for individuals over the age of 65 and young people who have not yet reached the age of 18.

In the event of a show cancellation without a rescheduled date, the ticket can be refunded. However, if a rescheduled date is announced, the ticket purchased for the canceled date will remain valid for the rescheduled date. Refunds for other reasons related to the customer’s inability to attend the event will not be possible.

During the performances, a bar service is available at Tones Teatro Natura. Additionally, you will find a water dispenser where you can refill your water bottle. For certain major events, there will also be food services available on-site.

Here are some of the fundamental rules to follow when attending events at Tones Teatro Natura:

  1. Respect the environment: Tones Teatro Natura is a place immersed in nature, so it is important to preserve the surrounding ecosystem. Do not litter or dispose of inappropriate items on the ground, and use designated bins for proper waste disposal, when available.
  2. Follow the staff’s instructions: Pay attention to the instructions provided by the staff on-site, including security personnel and customer service representatives. Respect the guidelines regarding safety and event enjoyment.
  3. Behave respectfully: Show respect towards fellow attendees, performers, and staff members. Avoid disruptive or offensive behavior that may disturb others’ experience.
  4. No smoking: Smoking is not allowed within the premises of Tones Teatro Natura, unless designated smoking areas are provided.
  5. Prohibited items: Certain items may be prohibited from entry, such as weapons, illegal substances, or any objects that may pose a safety risk. Follow the guidelines provided by the venue regarding permissible items.
  6. Ticket policies: Ensure that you have a valid ticket for entry, and follow any specific instructions related to ticketing and seating arrangements. Tickets may not be resold or transferred without proper authorization.
  7. Photography and recording: Pay attention to any restrictions on photography or recording during the event. In some cases, the use of cameras, phones, or other recording devices may be prohibited or restricted.
  8. Emergency procedures: Familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures and exits in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Follow the instructions of the staff in case of an emergency.
  9. Compliance with laws and regulations: Abide by all applicable laws and regulations during your visit to Tones Teatro Natura.

By attending the events at Tones Teatro Natura, you agree to comply with the established rules and regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

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